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    I have decided to put DarKGunZ back online, lots of you guys requested it and I finally decided to put it back online. I am hosting DG on my personal server so I don't need any donation, I will keep it up and running until no body play it. Have fun with your friend
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    I don't see the point on making the DarKGunZ theme into the iPlayOG Forum iPlayOG and DarKGunZ is 2 different things
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    Server Version: 1.10.2 Server IP: ftb.iplayog.com:25555 You can download FTB here: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/
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    It's okay if you'd ask me, a clear overview and light for mobile phones adding a lot of playful tones to it will ruin the mobile quality.
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    Server Version: 1.12 Server IP: mc.iplayog.com (Cracked client are allowed) You can download minecraft here: https://www.minecraft.net
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    [HDev]Forsaken, take me as your [Coder] or [SDev] please !
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    Time for a New phone nick