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  4. [HDev]Forsaken, take me as your [Coder] or [SDev] please !
  5. Time for a New phone nick
  6. Earlier
  7. HAHA I can't belive it. last time I played DG was like 1 year and 6 months ago... (gotta call Hdaf & Dove again)
  8. Finally ! Thanks Nick
  9. Boi if you don't get your white intelligent ass outta this forums, Boiii
  10. I don't see the point on making the DarKGunZ theme into the iPlayOG Forum iPlayOG and DarKGunZ is 2 different things
  11. It's okay if you'd ask me, a clear overview and light for mobile phones adding a lot of playful tones to it will ruin the mobile quality.
  12. DG Forums is pretty boring if you ask me and maybe some other player. Spice thing is with a big DarkGunZ sign right at the top of the page! Bring the theme of the actual website into the forums, bring the black and red color scheme in here! Even some colors can pop the page out more, instead of this flat black choose a different color black or even dark red and black mixed. I dont know colors can go a long ways, throw some pictures, emblems, and maybe some Gif's in as well. Hope you guys like the idea! -----Thank you for taking your time to read this!-----
  13. hi im back i want to play dg again and again

    1. Kingi


      Hi welcome back

  14. hi im back i want to play dg again and again :D

    1. Moro


      Hello I remember you I guess

    2. Hemz


      Would love to see you in game bruh :D welcome back!!

    3. Yukkika


      thx guyz :P


  15. Ey, Guess I'll play Gunz again.
  16. cool stuff Nick, was kinda missing DG
  18. im finna ddos you
  19. ayeeee good shit i still got my 7 rebirth char <3
  21. I need my 820 DGC back please.
  22. do i get my 10k dgc?
  23. max is eu fag
  24. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  25. Cronjob readded Email server is back
  26. I have decided to put DarKGunZ back online, lots of you guys requested it and I finally decided to put it back online. I am hosting DG on my personal server so I don't need any donation, I will keep it up and running until no body play it. Have fun with your friend
  27. Here is the server IP:PORT : Have fun !
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